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Industrial waste presents a Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) challenge. To minimize these risks, rigorous safety precautions and proper handling procedures are essential.


To match these demands, we offer a broad range of waste handling and vacuum truck services including industrial waste collection and transportation to waste disposal facilities. Our fleet of Super Sucker Vacuum trucks and Waste Bin / Hook-lift trucks are capable of vacuuming and collecting both dry and liquid generated wastes.

Our commitment to protecting the environment ensures that we are able to respond and assist with emergency spills and unplanned clean ups, such as waste oils along with wet and dry industrial products.

Our Vacuum Trucks and Static Vacuum Units are strategically located so they can react quickly to a call out and are offered on a long or short term basis with 24/7 availability.


We have developed multi-purpose tracked robots, which work in all conditions including underwater, at high temperatures and in explosive / toxic atmospheres. The robots minimize manned entry to these high risk environments. The robots are remotely operated, fitted with cameras and perform a variety of tasks through the use of different attachments.

The versatile nature of these robots allow more areas to be accessed for maintenance and waste handling such as tanks, liquid reservoirs, drainage systems and other such harsh environments.

Mercury, as a naturally occurring volatile impurity in hydrocarbons, presents serious issues to operators in the Asian region (see Mercury Management Services), especially when it comes to handling mercury contaminated waste streams. We have specialized equipment and personnel fully trained in the hazards associated with handling mercury contaminated materials and have relationships with a number of licensed disposal facilities for the safe disposal of mercury containing wastes.

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  • Vacuum truck and tanker services
  • Hazardous liquid transportation
  • Sewers drain and pipe cleaning with simultaneous vacuuming
  • High pressure water cleaning
  • Waste skip and bin rental up to 18 cubic metres
  • Mercury monitoring, decontamination and sludge removal
  • Road sweeping services
  • Wet and dry material vacuuming and collection
  • Disposal of non-toxic and toxic wastes
  • Temporary storage and tank rental
  • Sludge and liquid transfer
  • Tank cleaning
  • Site clean-up, restoration and reinstatement

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