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Recognizing the need for shorter turnarounds, reduced headcount and constantly increasing safety and quality standards, we have established a dedicated Tubular Services team to provide a one-stop solution to serve all your tubular reactor needs.

Catalyst suppliers of tubular reactors frequently recommend using specialist contractors, like CR3, to ensure their materials are handled appropriately and to safeguard performance guarantees.


Our combination of using advanced equipment and multi-skilled technicians in a ‘blind to blind’ approach helps to minimize downtime and maximize returns. Depending on the type of tubular reactor, catalyst or process involved, our experts customize a solution to your needs by applying different methods for unloading and loading your tubular reactors.

Our services cover all types of tubular reactor, including those involved in the production of ethylene oxide (EO), methyl acrylate, acrylic acid, phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride, acetylene and aromatics.

Pre-engineering services such as planning, scheduling, coordination and logistics are standard practice in every one of our tubular reactor change-outs to optimize resources, ensure safe execution and trouble-free start up.


Our specialist equipment is designed to minimize catalyst attrition and maximize de-dusting during loading to deliver better operational performance and longer run lengths.

In alliance with our technology partners, we offer a comprehensive range of advanced technology for tubular reactors including automated dense loading for steam methane reformers and a proprietary Modular Insert De-dusting Catalyst loading system for EO reactors, among others. In short, we have access to the latest tubular reactor technology in the industry.

In addition, we can also provide proprietary tube inspection (NDT) services for steam methane reformers, which includes a full 360° coverage for creep and crack detection on both the internal and outside surfaces of your reformer tubes.

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  • Catalyst change-outs of all types of tubular reactors including EO reactors
  • Air lancing / fish taping / ridged lancing
  • Belt loading / insert loading / Modular Insert De-dusting Catalyst loading system (M.I.D.C)
  • High pressure automated tube lancing equipment (TLE)
  • Grit blasting
  • Mechanical brushing
  • Unidense™ loading technology for reformer tubes under license by Unidense Technology GmbH
  • Inside and outer surface tube cleaning for steam-methane reformers (SMRs)
  • Tube inspections (NDT) of steam-methane reformers (SMRs)
  • Pressure drop (Pd) measurements of all tubes

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