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Heat exchangers of all types and sizes form an integral part of any industrial operating facility and require periodic servicing to restore heat transfer performance and normal production levels.


We have substantial experience in planning, managing and executing all aspects of heat exchanger maintenance from the pulling of bundles and expert cleaning of them to providing all manner of repairs, reinstating the exchangers back in service and leak testing them to ensure asset integrity. This one-stop approach enables our customers to handover the total work scope to one contractor without any interface issues.

We perform projects of all sizes from small single heat exchanger jobs to very large contracts where several hundred heat exchangers have to be removed, cleaned, inspected to IRIS standards and reinstated in a single event such as site wide shutdowns. All related requirements, such as scaffolding and lifting, are handled too.

As with many types of process equipment, we are very aware of the issues involved with maintaining and servicing all types of heat exchanger and provide advanced equipment along with experienced and professional personnel to execute all aspects of these services.


We continually invest in the latest equipment and technology. As evidence of this, we are one of the only contractors in Asia to have bundle pullers capable of extracting bundles up to 125 tons in size.

Conventional cleaning of heat exchangers requires personnel to be close to the high pressure water in order to perform the cleaning task. We have eliminated this potential hazard by using advanced automated technology for Internal Bundle (IBC) and Outer Bundle Cleaning (OBC) to remove the operator from the line of fire and make the cleaning process much more efficient. The internal bundle cleaners comprise multiple rigid lances capable of cleaning several tubes simultaneously to minimize downtime. The multi-lance system has increased productivity and quality too, as much higher pressures and flows are able to be applied.

In addition, we have recently added ultrasonic cleaning to our portfolio of services to restore the as-built performance of heavily fouled heat exchangers and other accessories, such as internal packing, rotors, and filters that would normally be thrown away and replaced. Ultrasonic cleaning is significantly safer and more effective than using high pressure water. Please Contact Us for more information.

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  • Spading and isolation (including Breathing Apparatus as required)
  • De-sludging prior to decommissioning
  • System scaffolding
  • Dis-assembly and re-assembly including bolt torqueing and tensioning
  • Lifting of components
  • Cleaning of heat exchangers using automated equipment:
  • Pressure testing
    • Hydrotesting
    • Helium leak detection
    • Non-Destructive Testing
    • Centest
    • IRIS testing
    • X-ray
    • Borescope
    • Online thermodynamics monitoring
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Robotic cleaning of bundles in-situ for fixed tube sheet bundles and also in case the situation does not allow a bundle to be pulled (heavy contamination on the tube side, requiring process cleaning)
  • Robotic cleaning of bundles in wash bays
  • Chemical cleaning of bundles by soaking in tank with air, nitrogen, or steam agitation
  • Heat exchanger repairs:
  • Bundle extraction and re-insertion

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