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Storage tank cleaning and maintenance is a frequent headache for process operators who are responsible for recovering storage capacity due to a build-up of sludge, making good any repairs to keep the tank in service or performing integrity inspections of the entire structure to satisfy risk management and regulatory standards.

Traditional methods of storage tank cleaning and maintenance are time-consuming, hazardous, and costly. To combat these issues, operators are increasingly searching for contractors who can shorten cleaning and maintenance cycles, apply non-man entry cleaning and inspection techniques, and recover valuable product from the removed waste.


Whatever the purpose, we can provide comprehensive solutions for all your storage tank cleaning and maintenance requirements, whether it is for a small product tank or a large crude oil storage tank. Our teams take full responsibility from pre-job preparation and planning, through to set-up, cleaning, waste handling and reclamation, with options to match each individual scenario.

Our specialised equipment enables non-man entry cleaning, as we can mobilise various solutions, including:

  • Multi-directional tank cleaning heads combined with chemical treatment
  • Manway cannons and tank sweepers, capable of targeting sludge deposits up to 60 metres away
  • Robotic cleaning with vacuum or pumping removal of the waste stream
  • Suspension separation using proprietary hydrocarbon chemical addition
  • Recovery and reclamation of valuable hydrocarbons

We are continually investing in the latest innovations and technology so that we can continue to raise health and safety standards, reduce schedules, and develop new solutions to meet the ever-increasing aspirations of our clients.

Our team of experienced engineers can also plan, manage, and execute any repairs necessary to ensure compliance with API or similar standards. Whether you require full circumferential repairs, strake sections, pontoons, bottom or top plating, wind girders or seals replacing, we can cope with all these issues and more. Furthermore, we will provide you with the confidence that all scopes will be completed safely and efficiently.


We provide full project management of all your storage tank cleaning and maintenance needs, working to the highest standards within the refining and petrochemical industries. Integrating the tank cleaning with our inspection and repair capability gives clients a full turnkey option with all the interfaces removed so that the focus can be directed on doing the job safely, on time and within budget.

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  • Resuspension of sludge to improve storage capacity
  • Non-man entry cleaning of intermediate & final product tanks (various methods including robotic cleaning)
  • Non-man entry cleaning of crude oil tanks (various methods including robotic cleaning)
  • Separation of hydrocarbons, water, and sludge by chemical addition
  • Recovery and reclamation of valuable hydrocarbons
  • Tank repairs including scaffolding, cold cutting, and welding
  • Tank revamps and rejuvenations
  • Storage tank installation

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