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Every industrial processing plant must undergo periodic shutdowns and turnarounds to maintain safe operations and optimal production levels while meeting ever-evolving quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) standards. Failing to execute shutdowns and turnarounds safely and efficiently can have a profound impact on your business, its people and the environment. Given the potentially huge losses for every day of downtime, delivering safe shutdowns and turnarounds while minimising both the number and duration of these events is critical.


Shutdowns and turnarounds are the mainstay of CR Asia’s business. We adopt a disciplined, multi-phase approach to plan, schedule, manage and execute projects of all sizes to ensure your plant is back up and running quickly, safely, reliably and at optimal efficiency. Our multidiscipline solution enables us to deliver safe, successful shutdowns and turnarounds throughout the refining, petrochemical, upstream oil & gas, power generation and other heavy industries.

Our holistic approach and breadth of experience means you can engage our experts right from the beginning of a project. We aim to support our customers as a collaborative and integral member of the project team from the early stages of a shutdown or turnaround to develop plans, review scope scenarios, optimise schedules, and prepare work packages. This step is critical in clarifying what will be accomplished, which quality standards will be used, how the schedule will be met and where tangible cost savings can be delivered. Together with our strategic partners, we have access to the necessary resources, equipment, and expertise to carry out multiple large-scale projects simultaneously.

During events, we mechanically isolate the plant, process or part of the unit requiring maintenance from the rest of the complex (unless we are maintaining the entire facility), allowing the unaffected areas to remain operational while the maintenance activities are carried out. The equipment to be maintained is opened up, cleaned, inspected and repaired before being reinstated, de-isolated, and readied to be returned to service. At the end of a shutdown or turnaround, we request feedback from all stakeholders and perform a self-assessment of our own performance to identify areas of improvement that are then applied to all future projects.  We treat the project close-out as importantly as the initial planning, as this readies the client for the next event on the asset.


CR Asia is recognised as the region’s leading shutdown and turnaround authority for onshore and offshore projects. Each year, we perform many shutdowns and turnarounds across the region. We optimise shutdown times through meticulous planning, exceptional programme management, proactive procurement, easy-to-use systems, and the deployment of an experienced and multi-skilled workforce to operate modern automated equipment that is quicker, safer and more efficient. This offering is enhanced by a strong network of technology partners with advanced maintenance solutions to improve quality while setting new safety standards and boosting asset performance.

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