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All operators need to ensure the highest levels of safety and efficiency when charging and discharging reactors. This is a critical job that requires highly skilled contractors, especially for complex or high-risk change-outs.

Catalyst suppliers frequently recommend using specialist contractors to ensure their materials are handled appropriately and to safeguard performance guarantees.


With over 30 years of successful project delivery, certification letters in place with all major catalyst vendors and the largest fleet of catalyst handling equipment and numbers of catalyst technicians in the region, we are regarded as Asia’s leading catalyst handling expert.

We perform catalyst handling services in all types of reactor both onshore and offshore by our highly trained, service-oriented personnel. Our ability to offer a full suite of reactor services including closed circuit video inspection, cleaning of internals and all associated mechanical work in a ‘blind to blind’ approach reduces downtime and minimizes cost.

Our teams possess a wealth of experience when it comes to complex jobs involving Parex, FCC and CCR units. The many long-term contracts we have with the likes of Shell, ExxonMobil and Chevron are testament to our competence and professionalism.


Our advanced equipment is specially designed to minimize catalyst attrition and exposure to unwanted dust particles, assuring better operational performance and longer run lengths of catalyst beds.

In partnership with our technology partners, we offer a comprehensive range of advanced catalyst handling technology for both fixed bed (axial and radial flow) and tubular reactors.

We are continually developing and applying new technology, such as our Soft Flow loading system for pneumatically loading adsorbents / catalysts to achieve faster loading speeds and eliminate the use of a crane during the loading process. In addition, we have our in-house multi-purpose tracked robots for unloading adsorbents / catalysts, which operate remotely and are capable of working in all conditions. The robots are not only much safer than man-entry but also reduce downtime, as the robots can enter the reactor much earlier and complete the work sooner, with no need for rest breaks. This translates into significant savings in terms of shutdown time and associated cost.

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  • Inert entry (N2) for catalyst unloading / re-loading as well as other applications
  • Dense loading – CALYDENS & UOP technology under license
  • Unidense™ loading technology for reformer tubes under license
  • Catalyst screening under inert and normal atmospheric conditions
  • Reactor Internals removal, reinstatement, video inspection, repair, modification, upgrade, passivation
  • Reformers (Furnace) – total service including tube changing / welding and uniform loading
  • Reformers / Platformers catalyst change-outs, mechanical work and installation
  • Ammonia converters – total service including upgrading and specialty welding
  • CCR – total service including centre pipe and scallop removal, repair, welding and replacement
  • ARHDM & RDS – hydro-drilling technology for coked / fused reactors
  • HCU – total service including repair, soda ash washing, welding and dense loading
  • Parex / Molex / Oleflex reactors – adsorbent change-outs and mechanical work
  • EO / Tubular Reactors – catalyst change-outs
  • FCC – catalyst vacuuming and coke removal

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