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Process leaks, including fugitive emissions, are a major concern for all operating facilities, as they can result in wasteful and expensive releases, environmental issues and, in extreme cases, catastrophic incidents.

Knowing how to engineer a robust solution to stop a leak in a timely manner so that your plant, process unit or equipment item can continue operating until its next planned maintenance event, presents a significant opportunity that can deliver substantial savings.


CR3 is available 24/7 to stop your leak, usually within 72 hours and without impacting production with our comprehensive online leak sealing service.

After our emergency response teams quickly assess the situation, we design, fabricate and install the appropriate solution online to arrest the leak while you continue to operate normally until a convenient time in the future when you can either properly repair or replace the leaking item.
We keep stocks of the most common leak sealing materials and have significant experience in providing a complete package that includes the following:

  • 24/7 emergency response to provide technical support for any type of leak
  • Detailed surveys to assess the situation and advise how best to stop the leak
  • Engineering design and calculation packages for all leak sealing equipment
  • Fabrication of all clamp enclosures
  • Complete installation service
  • Full repair of leak or replacement of faulty equipment during next planned maintenance outage

Where practical to do so, we use Diamond wrapping to restore dented, gouged, corroded or eroded pipelines to their MAOP (Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure) and prevent them from shutting down.

The wrap, which can be applied at temperatures of up to 288°C and used on all materials except high-density polyethylene (HDPE), comprises a solid epoxy primer to ensure good bonding and its bi-directional woven carbon-fibre base makes it extremely strong. Another key component is the polymeric epoxy resin, which delivers uniform loading throughout the entire wrap.

For repairs that require surfaces to be modified (e.g. when countering heavy pitting or irregular shapes) a high modulus filler can be applied. These elements all combine to form a composite system that is stronger than steel and ensures a long service life.

The Diamond wrap is chemically and pressure-resistant and requires a pre-engineering assessment of the affected area to compile information such as substrate material, wall thickness and operating temperatures and pressures. We use special software to determine the number of wraps required for each repair and typically offer a warranty of up to 5 years, depending on the project requirements to restore the integrity of the pipe.


As we provide a full range of online leak sealing solutions, we can recommend the most suitable application for your specific needs. Our comprehensive approach covering emergency response, safety management, on-site assessments, engineering, fabrication and installation puts a stop to all leaks, whilst allowing you to operate as normal, and delivers significant savings in the process.

In collaboration with our technical partner, Colt Group, who are one of the leading online leak sealing providers around and certify all our leak sealing technicians, we are continually developing new products, equipment and methods to improve quality, schedule, and service life of our solutions.

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  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Online leak sealing
  • Leak appraisal survey
  • Engineering design and calculation packages for clamp enclosures
  • Clamp fabrication
  • Clamp installation
  • Reinjection
  • Pipeline wrapping
  • Diamond wrapping
  • Corrosion protection

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