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Nitrogen is an extremely versatile commodity due to its availability and inert properties. It is used extensively in oil and gas facilities, both onshore and offshore and has applications ranging from purging, drying, and preservation of equipment to being used in the manufacture of petrochemicals, including ammonia.

Nitrogen is also extremely hazardous and short term exposure of no more than a few seconds, at a purity of 95% or higher, can have fatal consequences. Hence, having a proven track record of safely, reliably and efficiently handling, managing and working with nitrogen is a prerequisite that is in high demand.


CR3 offers the full range of nitrogen services, both onshore and offshore, and has completed some of the most challenging projects in Asia. All of our specialist technicians are highly trained, extremely skilled and have significant operations experience.

As nitrogen is more easily and economically transported as a liquid, we have several nitrogen pump units for converting liquid nitrogen to gaseous nitrogen at a range of flow rates, pressures and temperatures, which can all be specified to suit the particular application via the control panel of the pump.

We have added an extra safety feature to our pumps in the form of over pressure protection (OPP), which eliminates the chance of over pressurising a process system. The OPP is calibrated to the required safety pressure so that if it is tripped during pumping operations, the OPP shuts down the pump and prevents it from over-pressuring the system in question.

Whether you require purging to displace the atmosphere of a process, pressure testing and leak detection with mass spectrometry to verify equipment integrity, reactors cooled down quickly and efficiently, piggs propelled along a pipeline for cleaning and inspection or a nitrogen blanket to prevent air ingress and/or corrosion, we can satisfy your every need.


We aim to always deliver the best quality service, whilst ensuring the project is completed within schedule, within budget and without incident.

We accomplish these achievements by investing in the latest equipment and technology to meet and exceed rising safety and quality standards in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Working as one team, we support you with detailed planning, coordination and execution, through our multi-disciplinary approach and project management capability. With the full range of nitrogen services available, we have the ability to recommend the most suitable solution for your specific needs.

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  • Nitrogen purging
  • Nitrogen drying
  • Nitrogen pressure testing
  • Nitrogen preservation / nitrogen blanketing
  • Hot nitrogen stripping
  • Reactor cool down
  • Nitrogen-Helium Leak Testing (NHLT)

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