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Mercury is a naturally occurring impurity in hydrocarbons and some of the most heavily contaminated areas are in South East Asia.

The presence of mercury causes a number of issues for oil and gas producers including:

  • Corrosion (via amalgamation with mercury)
  • Poisoning of catalysts
  • Problems meeting product & pipeline specifications
  • Contamination of equipment & processes
  • Environmental & health effects


To minimize these risks, we provide specialist mercury management solutions that extend to all parts of the value chain within the Oil & Gas industry, from exploration and production to processing, transmission and distribution.

Utilising advanced methods and specialised equipment, we sample and analyse mercury in hydrocarbon process streams, including natural gas, natural gas liquids, refinery fuel gas and olefins. Our technology and equipment measures and analyses mercury in hydrocarbon process streams with detection limits well below 1 nanogram/Sm3 .

To further strengthen and complement our own in-house mercury management service offering, we have formed partnerships to provide mercury mapping studies including sampling and analytical services, comprehensive decontamination validation techniques and cradle-to-grave solutions for mercury removal adsorbents.


CR3 and its partners represent one of the world’s top mercury technology and decontamination providers. Our collective know-how draws on over 30 years of industry experience.  In addition, rigorous training programmes keep our experts up to date with the latest technological developments, safety practices and industry regulations.

Together with our technical partners, we offer specialized equipment, chemistries and methods for the assessment, storage, monitoring and removal of mercury.  Such as our dry decontamination solution, a high-performance thermal desorption system that quickly and efficiently removes wall-bound mercury from steel (pipe, vessels, and fittings) without the use of chemicals.

In addition, we have relationships with a number of licensed disposal facilities to ensure the safe handling and disposal of mercury-contaminated waste materials.

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  • Mercury sampling, analysis and mapping studies
  • Mercury decontamination (process systems & equipment) including sludge removal
  • Pipeline chemical pigging, flushing, and decontamination
  • Mercury area and personnel occupational exposure monitoring
  • Mercury scale, sludge, waste minimization and management
  • Mercury mapping studies for pipeline systems, process platforms, natural gas plants, NGL plants, LNG process trains and refineries
  • Plant shutdown monitoring (steam-out, purging, vessel opening)
  • Production platform mercury decontamination
  • Cryogenic heat transfer equipment inspection & modelling
  • Mercury removal unit adsorbent handling services including unloading, loading and replacement
  • Pipeline abandonment programs (special programs for mercury decontamination)

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