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Plant operators are exploring new ways to reduce the cost of maintaining process equipment while upholding safety, reliability and productivity levels.

Aging plants, in particular, are looking to adopt innovative mechanical solutions, delivered by a trusted contractor, to achieve optimum run times between shutdowns, while minimizing unscheduled maintenance.


We satisfy these demands by applying the latest equipment and technology with our multi-skilled specialists to meet and exceed rising environmental, availability and efficiency requirements in a timely and cost effective way.

Our mechanical services are uniquely developed to cater for projects of all sizes and we are one of the few companies capable of delivering simultaneous shutdowns in multiple countries. Being one of the first to adopt a ‘blind to blind’ approach, we offer a range of general mechanical services that includes fabrication, on-site modification, stainless steel welding (inert and normal atmospheres), vessel blinding, column cleaning, replacement of trays/internals, on-site machining (flange facing, bed milling, valve lapping services), flange management, controlled bolting and online leak sealing.

In addition, we incorporate the pre-engineering essentials of estimating, planning, scheduling and task team orientation.


We deliver your projects safely, on time and on budget by ensuring single-source control through our multi-disciplinary approach and project management capability. With our network of offices across Asia, we have the ability to respond quickly to planned and unplanned events.

Our workflow management systems bring improved transparency of where resources can be shared, allow us to track compliance with operational and contractual KPIs and assist us in delivering significant productivity gains for our customers.

We complement our in-house expertise through strategic alliances with other market-leading organizations. We currently partner with Conbit (now part of ALE) for structural design and specialist lifting / installation services, Colt Group for online leak sealing and Hydratight for flange management & bolting solutions, among others.

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  • Turnaround management, planning and progress monitoring
  • Plant maintenance and commissioning
  • Hydrotesting of equipment and pipelines
  • General fabrication and machining
  • Full heat exchanger servicing including isolation and removal with hydraulic extractor, cleaning, repairs, re-tubing and reinstatement
  • Mechanical and piping installation
  • Pipe cold cutting and weld preparation (clamshell type)
  • Pipe wrapping

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