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Air cooled heat exchangers (ACHE) or Fin Fans are used extensively in the Oil, Gas, Refining, Chemical, Power and other heavy industries. As a critical component to your production process, maintaining good ACHE performance is essential.


To enhance and optimize the performance of your ACHE, we deliver cooling capacity through a comprehensive portfolio of advisory, maintenance and cleaning services.

Various factors influence cooling capacity with cleaning being just one of the many possible solutions to improve ACHE performance.


Advisory services:
As part of our consultative approach, we investigate all possible issues associated with ACHE efficiency including hot air recirculation, the condition of the plenum, fan performance, energy consumption of the fan drive, vibration and noise levels. Once the situation has been fully assessed, our experts recommend the necessary corrective actions to resolve all issues.

Monitoring and data analysis:
We provide monitoring and data analysis to document efficiency gains by measuring the air velocity, plenum pressure differential, temperature patterns and energy consumption before and after servicing.

If cleaning is necessary to restore cleaning capacity, we clean the inside as well as the external tube surface. We use a range of methods to clean the external surface including dry cleaning, foam cleaning and mechanized hydro-jetting.

Internal tube cleaning is performed by automated high pressure water jetting techniques such as tube lancing equipment (TLE). Chemical cleaning can be used to remove hydrogen sulphide (H2S), iron sulphide (FeS) and/or sticky pollutants that present challenges to hydro-jetting applications.

Based on our extensive experience, around 85% of all heat transfer issues arise from fouling of the outer surface of the tubes, where debris accumulates on and in between the fins.

    • Dry cleaning:
      We use soda blasting to clean induced and forced draft ACHE. For induced draft ACHE, this method can be carried out fully online. For forced draft ACHE, it is required for the fan to be stopped. The blasting medium is non-hazardous and water soluble. The consumption of the blasting medium is very low and is applied with the use of a specially designed lance. In collaboration with our technology partner, we have access to the latest methods and techniques for dry cleaning in the industry.
    • Foam cleaning:
      Foam cleaning allows the active ingredient to penetrate into the pollution as it clings to the fins. The foam with the dislodged pollution is then washed down with water. We provide an option for collection of the wastewater, which can also allow for the re-use of water. Waterborne scales can be removed with the use of acidic foam. Foam cleaning is applicable for all types of ACHE.
    • Mechanized hydro-jetting:
      For the cleaning of A-Frame and forced draft ACHE, we use multiple nozzle jetting heads, which move along a rail by chain and air-motor. The nozzles producing the water jets are configured at the correct angle and pitch to achieve full penetration of the bundle. Positioning and movement of the cleaning unit is designed to guarantee zero damage to the fins. For this application, we only use water and no chemicals.
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  • Advisory services – assessment and trouble-shooting for performance enhancement
  • Monitoring and data analysis to document gains in cooling capacity
  • Cleaning of ACHE external tube surface by dry cleaning, foam cleaning and mechanized hydro-jetting
  • Online dry cleaning of ACHE external tube surface (in most cases)
  • Cleaning of ACHE internal tube surface with automated tube lancing equipment (TLE)

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