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Whether you are adding new facilities, improving or repairing existing ones or even decommissioning redundant installations, it is frequently necessary to make precise cuts through structures, equipment and pipelines to facilitate these projects.

Often, due to the presence of residual hydrocarbons or to avoid hazardous emissions, we understand the need to use cold cutting techniques for these incisions to eliminate safety concerns and improve quality and cost control.


CR3 has extensive experience of performing precise and controlled cuts, using a variety of methods, at all stages of the project life-cycle from construction through to final demolishing of retired equipment.

We provide several specialist cutting techniques to suit every situation and have completed some of the most challenging projects in Asia.

Our aim is to always deliver the best quality, whilst ensuring the project is completed within schedule, within budget and without incident.

Clamshell cutting
CR3 has portable clamshell cutting equipment to cut pipework both offshore and onshore. This technique is particularly useful for existing facilities where residual hydrocarbons are likely to be present in the item to be cut.

The main advantage of the clamshell method is the fact it can cut and bevel at the same time in a single pass, which increases the surface area of the cut or bevelled edge resulting in a stronger and more secure welded joint.

Hydro-abrasive cutting
The combination of ultra-high pressure water and garnets is a perfect cutting medium for large and small objects. This method is mostly used for cutting vessel heads, tank bottoms, man-ways as well as access doors and will cut cleanly through refractory lined structures.

While conventional chain or belt systems frequently slip off the cut line resulting in delays and re-work, our patented track system guarantees a sharp, clean and precise cut each and every time. The track can be fabricated and rolled in any shape or length to ensure a quality cut is achieved, with or without in-situ weld preparation, in a single pass.

Diamond wire cutting
Diamond wire cutting is mostly used in confined spaces and for slicing through contaminated objects to minimise harmful emissions. Hence, it is commonly deployed for the controlled demolition of buildings, structures and equipment.

The diamond wire cuts through all materials including rock, steel and concrete and even a combination of all three and is cooled by water to increase the life span of the wire.


Working as one team to ensure optimal safety, quality and schedule efficiency, we support you with detailed planning, coordination and execution for various cold cutting scopes. All of our cold cutting specialists are highly trained, hold a valid certificate and have significant field experience.

We deliver your projects safely, on time and on budget by ensuring single-source control through our multi-disciplinary approach and project management capability. With our network of offices across Asia, we have the ability to respond quickly to planned and unplanned events.

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  • Cold cutting
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  • Pipe cutting and bevelling
  • Hydro-abrasive cutting
  • Ultra-high pressure water jet cutting
  • Diamond wire cutting

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