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Your Challenges

Assuring the integrity of bolted joints is a major concern, particularly when they can involve the release of hazardous and harmful inventories to atmosphere.

Avoidance of leaks is a top priority for operators, as they can lead to delayed production, unplanned shutdowns, and process safety incidents. When leaks do occur, they can often be very costly for all stakeholders.

How We Support Your Business

CR3 provides safe, effective and efficient bolting, flange management and onsite machining solutions to prevent leaks in flanged assemblies. Our Joint Integrity Management teams inspect, maintain and record all bolted joints to assure you they are appropriately designed, specified, and tightened in accordance with ASME PCC-1 standards to ensure zero leaks.

Bolt Torqueing:
CR3 can support you with experienced field service engineers and specialist torqueing equipment for your bolt torqueing requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of torqueing services, providing the required accuracy and consistency necessary for safe, reliable and leak-free bolted-joint assemblies.

Bolt Tensioning:
Increasingly, hydraulic bolt tensioning is used to apply accurate bolt loading in a controlled and safe manner. Bolt tensioning offers the ability to tension or de-tension all studs simultaneously.

We have a wealth of experience with this critical technique and have suitable equipment to cope with a wide variety of bolt tensioning applications. Our highly experienced field service personnel will confirm that correct bolt loads are achieved and not just applied, ensuring joint integrity and preventing unnecessary leaks.

Flange Management:
We have specialist software for computing bolt loads and tooling pressures on a wide range of flanged joints and clamped connections with full traceability. The bolt load values are verified independently to achieve leak-free joints – first time, every time.

We have tablets capable of scanning bar-coded flange tags in the field to make inspections and reporting easier and more efficient. We also have ultrasonic bolt tension monitors to confirm the bolt load on critical torqued joints and all tensioned joints. This enables a printed bolt load report to be provided together with the normal joint completion report.

In addition, we have access to third party integrity data management software that is fully ISO 27001 certified and SSAE16 compliant and allows data on materials of construction, assembly, bolt loads, maintenance history, and supplementary documentation to be recorded and retrieved at any time during the project life-cycle.

Onsite Machining:
We have a vast array of portable machines ideal for turning, drilling, milling and grinding and can offer all these services at your site, significantly reducing downtime and cost.

We provide onsite repairs and refurbishment of flange faces up to 120 inches in diameter and have access to a full array of 2-axis and 3-axis milling machines along with bolt extraction and thread refurbishment machines for removal of snapped or seized studs. We perform seal groove machining, all types of weld preparation, counter boring and have back facing kits for mounting on heat exchanger tube sheets.
We also have portable machining solutions for refurbishing the metal tyres and trunnion rollers that turn roll mills, kilns and other rotating reactors.

The CR3 Difference

We continually invest in the latest equipment to improve safety and quality standards. Our multi-skilled and fully certified field service engineers will help you reduce numbers on site, ensuring one contractor is able to support all your project needs from start to finish, saving time and cost.

We complement our in-house expertise through partnerships with other market-leading organisations including Enerpac (formerly Hydratight) and LAPP for bolting, flange management and onsite machining equipment and training.

With experience in providing onsite repair and refurbishment services and with advanced flange management software that allows you to compute, update and track all relevant information quickly and effectively, we are ready to support you on any job, large or small.

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  • Onsite machining
  • Flange facing
  • Gasket surface machining
  • Grinding and turning
  • Pipe cutting and bevelling
  • Orbital milling
  • Counter boring
  • Flange management services
  • Joint integrity management
  • Controlled bolting
  • Hand torqueing
  • Hydraulic bolt torqueing
  • Hydraulic bolt tensioning

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