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Our large in-house teams of highly trained engineers, planners, procurement personnel and technicians combined with our regular investments in the latest equipment, tools and systems maintain our reputation as the region’s leading provider of revamps and small-to-medium EPCC projects. Operating under a single project management team to ensure optimal safety, quality and schedule efficiency, we support our customers with detailed planning, execution and ongoing maintenance services for various revamp and EPCC scopes.

Furthermore, our strategic partnerships boost our in-house capabilities to ensure the highest levels of competence and professionalism are present on every job. With each project success, the experience and knowledge gained is channelled into the next generation of solutions.

Our workflow management systems bring improved transparency of where resources can be shared, allow us to track compliance with operational and contractual KPIs and assist us in delivering significant productivity gains for our customers.


Revamp, Construction & EPCC Services We are experienced at providing comprehensive revamp projects covering all aspects including engineering, fabrication, construction, commissioning and project management. We perform small-to-medium size EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning) projects and can provide a full turnkey package
Fabrication & Plant Upgrade Services We have dedicated workshops for fabricating structural, and carbon steels separate from stainless steel and special alloys to avoid cross-contamination.  Our fabrication and plant upgrade teams are spread across the region and provide general mechanical and maintenance services to all our customers
Offshore Projects & Maintenance We provide the same maintenance activities offshore as we do onshore. In addition, we also offer a full range of fabrication and installation services. With our investment in the latest technology, along with our multi-skilled specialists, we can meet and exceed the rising demands of the offshore Oil & Gas market
Scaffolding Services From pre-planning, through execution and dismantling, we ensure a comprehensive access solution that is scalable for any project. We devote a great deal of time to the pre-planning phase to ensure our scaffolding materials meet the safety and quality requirements and considers all of the trades that will be impacted by the construction
Cold Cutting We have extensive experience performing precise and controlled cuts, using a variety of methods, at all stages of the project. Working as one team to ensure optimal safety, quality and schedule efficiency, we support you with detailed planning, coordination and execution for various cold cutting scopes
Column & Tower Internals We provide the full range of services related to column and tower projects including removal of internals, cleaning, installation of new or refurbished internals, column inspections, column modifications, and complete project management. From inspection to installation we deliver optimal safety, quality and schedule efficiency
Flare Maintenance Providing complete flare system maintenance including inspection, cleaning, repairs, installation, dismantling, flare tip replacements, guy wire tensioning, and complete project management. Using the latest equipment and multi-skilled technicians in a ‘blind to blind’ turnkey approach, we minimise downtime and maximise returns
Insulation Services We provide safe, reliable, and high-quality insulation services that deliver significant returns. Our eco-friendly insulation products meet the toughest standards in the industry. We support you with detailed planning, coordination, and execution for any size of project and are available to respond quickly to any planned or unplanned event
Rotating Equipment Maintenance We keep your plant running for longer and avoid any unwanted downtime by managing the maintenance of your rotating equipment. We tailor our services to match the exact requirements of your situation and by combining our rotary expertise with our other specialist services, we can provide a one-stop-solution across the entire facility


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  • A refinery underwent their largest and most complex revamp/turnaround in history to increase capacity by 10,000 b/d


  • Constructability reviews maximised the installation of new pipework, structures and equipment pre-event, saving significant time and reducing manpower numbers during peak periods


  • Refinery was restarted on schedule and performed as expected at new capacity. An innovative contract model with aligned objectives delivered significant savings

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