CR Asia News Articles

Compressing the Schedule on an FCC Overhaul

Three ways we compressed the schedule duration on the overhaul of an FCC (fluidised catalytic cracking) unit. The FCC unit at a refinery in North India had a major overhaul recently, and we reduced the schedule to the fullest. The scope also included the coke and catalyst removal from the huge reactor and regenerator. How […]

Multi-bed Reactor Change-outs

We recently completed the catalyst replacement and internal inspection on three of the largest multi-bed reactors at refineries in western India. Each of the 3-bed reactors contained around 1,100 m3 of catalyst. The pre-treatment units (PTU) and hydrodesulfurisation (DHDS) unit required routine maintenance to optimise the performance and improve product quality. Even amidst these challenging […]

EPCC Project Boosts Operational Flexibility

How does a petrochemical plant boost operational flexibility and yield improvement? To achieve this in Mangalore, India, we are supporting a major petrochemical plant execute composite works for six additional facilities including a tanker loading facility of paraffinic raffinate and heavy aromatics. Our EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning) project is 85% complete (in terms […]