CR Asia News Articles

Committed to Reducing our Carbon Footprint

As news emerges that July was the world’s hottest month on record, we are reminded how critical it is to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions to combat global warming. Earlier this year, we announced our commitment to contribute to the transition of a net-zero carbon world by 2050.  Our teams in all our locations are […]

Offshore Nitrogen Services

Working with nitrogen is extremely risky and requires highly skilled and trained people, particularly in an offshore environment. We completed several nitrogen jobs offshore recently in Myanmar, the Gulf of Thailand and the Joint Development Area between Thailand and Malaysia. Our technicians provided a range of services, including purging, pressure testing, and nitrogen-helium leak detection […]

Plant Maintenance Five-Year Term Contract Secured

We are thrilled to secure a new five-year plant maintenance term contract on another area of the world’s largest refinery complex in Western India. Our comprehensive maintenance team will improve the export-oriented refinery’s asset reliability and equipment uptime through total plant maintenance.  Our emphasis is on proactive maintenance techniques that aim to monitor and predict […]