CR Asia News Articles

Dividing Wall Column Installation

A dividing wall column combines the process of two columns into one shell.  Refineries are adopting this modern technology to process finer fractions without needing an additional column, reducing energy consumption by around 30%. Recently our talented welders and fabricators demonstrated great precision and accuracy installing a dividing wall column on a Merox unit and […]

Ammonia Converter Basket Replacement

A huge thank you to all involved in the recent ammonia converter replacement job in northern India.  Excellent planning and preparations ensured the seamless catalyst change-out and replacement of a 22-ton high-pressure converter internal basket via a 400-ton crane. The highly skilled team safely executed the removal and installation of the new basket and shaved […]

Committed to Reducing our Carbon Footprint

As news emerges that July was the world’s hottest month on record, we are reminded how critical it is to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions to combat global warming. Earlier this year, we announced our commitment to contribute to the transition of a net-zero carbon world by 2050.  Our teams in all our locations are […]