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Recognised as Asia’s leading ‘one-stop-shop’ solution provider, our extensive portfolio of cleaning services sets the benchmark in terms of technical, environmental and safety standards.

Our comprehensive approach covers safety management, all mechanical work, engineering, custom-made equipment, on-site analysis, joint integrity management, leak testing and on-site wastewater treatment.


Chemical Cleaning & Decontamination Our chemical cleaning and decontamination solutions increase your operational effectiveness, resulting in lower operating costs. Our ‘blind to blind’ approach covers safety management, all mechanical work, engineering, on-site analysis, joint integrity management, leak testing and on-site wastewater treatment
Fin Fan Optimisation We restore the cooling capacity of your air cooled heat exchangers (ACHE) through a unique blend of advisory, monitoring and cleaning services. We investigate all issues with ACHE efficiency including air flow, plenum condition, energy consumption, noise levels and vibration before recommending the best corrective action
Mercury Management Services The presence of mercury causes a number of issues for oil and gas producers and some of the highest concentrations are in Asia. To overcome these hazards, we provide specialized equipment, chemistries and methods for assessing, monitoring, removing and disposing mercury across all parts of the value chain
High Pressure Water Jetting Our investment in advanced automated technology not only keeps our operators safe, but means we can use much higher flows and pressures to deliver superior quality. Our extensive fleet of pumps, nozzles, drilling attachments and lances enable us to meet all your plant needs
CR3 Decoking Technology Our proprietary Decoking Technology uses specialist piggs containing metal studs to remove coke and scale from furnace tubes. This is safer, quicker and more environmentally friendly than conventional methods and enables you to check the integrity of the tubes through advanced inspection techniques
Waste Handling We perform a broad range of waste handling and vacuum truck services and are capable of handling both dry and liquid generated wastes. Our fleet of vacuum trucks and static vacuum units are strategically located so we can respond quickly to a call out or emergency at any time of the day or night
Offshore Projects & Maintenance We provide the same maintenance activities offshore as we do onshore. In addition, we also offer a full range of fabrication and installation services. With our investment in the latest technology, along with our multi-skilled specialists, we can meet and exceed the rising demands of the offshore Oil & Gas market


Shutdown Planning - CR Asia Group


  • A customer needed to clean, inspect and repair a Crude Oil Storage Tank containing significant amounts of waxy sludge whilst minimizing confined space entry


  • We used specialized hydraulic pumps to remove the sludge prior to final cleaning, replaced the tank floor with a new design, cut new floor plates and pre-fabricated replacement steam coils, nozzles and a drain


  • We cleaned the tank significantly faster than conventional methods, whilst minimizing man-entry, enabling it to return to service earlier than expected

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