CR Asia News Articles

Supplying Nitrogen and Equipment for Gas Lift

CR Asia Thailand (CRAT) is delighted to support a national petroleum exploration and production company with the supply of nitrogen (N2) and equipment to facilitate the production of oil (via gas lift) from a drilling well in central Thailand. Our team responded quickly to the client’s request to supply 20,000 m3 per day at a […]

Mechanical Joint Integrity Training

CR Asia Thailand (CRAT) attended LAPP Equipment UK’s Mechanical Joint Integrity training course in March 2019. The course was well organised and covered hand torqueing, hydraulic torqueing and hydraulic tensioning. Our technicians learnt how to use and apply a range of equipment along with good practices for assembly and disassembly and underwent written, fault detection […]

CRAT Prepares for Catalyst Change-out in Vietnam

CR Asia Thailand (CRAT) was recently awarded another catalyst handling project for a refinery and petrochemical complex in Vietnam. The key national refinery provides about 40% of the oil and gas products to the domestic market in Vietnam. Currently, the operator plans to replace the catalyst in their residue hydro-desulphurisation (RHDS) unit. Such activity is […]