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EO reactor jobs at RIL, Jamnagar, India during May 2017

CR Asia India completed loading of 2nos Ethylene Oxide Reactors at MEG plant in Reliance Jamnagar J3 Complex consisting of 13764 per reactor. Both reactors were completed within 6 days against scheduled duration of 7 days. The services of M/S Tube master were utilized for DP Measurement & OLE sleeves. The client is very impressed […]

Updates from CR Asia India – Catalyst handling division:

The catalyst handling division in India was always occupied throughout the year with a variety of jobs executed which includes the Catalyst handling across different refineries in various units such VGO, DHDT, HCU, Hydrogen units, Polymerization, ISOM, CCRs. The catalyst handling division also executed various other jobs such as Packinox leak detection jobs, Converter internal […]