CR Asia News Articles

Advanced Wet Dumping Used to Unload RHDS Reactors

We recently used our Advanced Wet Dumping technique to safely and efficiently unload several resid hydrodesulfurisation (RHDS) reactors at a refinery in Vietnam. This technique combines drilling and hydro-blasting technology to remove virtually all of the fused catalyst in the reactor without having to enter the vessel. It significantly decreases the amount of wastewater generated […]

CR Asia Offers Sanitising Service

At this time, we understand being concerned about the welfare of your staff and wanting to make sure that none of them become ill due to COVID-19.  Moreover, if there is a suspected case, you will be keen to do everything you can to stop it from potentially spreading to others. Protecting the wellbeing of […]

Executing Essential Maintenance During COVID-19 Lockdown

Despite the nation-wide restrictions in India owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to provide essential maintenance and repairs at various refineries around the country. Clear guidelines and stringent protocols created together with our clients, ensure our staff are at minimal risk of infection. Recently executed jobs include the catalyst replacement of vacuum gas oil […]